Cross-Chain Dapps Made Easier

A permissionless cross-chain messaging router that provides the easiest way to establish the brand new Dapps.

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anyCall Use Cases

Cross-chain Swap
Cross-chain NFT
Cross-chain Lending
Permissionless Token Bridge
Cross-chain Arbitrage Bots
Unified Metaverse

Why anyCall

  • priorityOver 14 chains supported
  • priorityOver $2B liquidity supported
  • priorityOne click to fork
  • priorityFallback mechanism supported
  • priorityUnlimited dev support

Other Solutions

  • errorLimited chains supported
  • errorNo liquidity supported
  • errorComplex docs to integrate
  • errorFocus only until next round
  • errorUnsustainable growth plan

How anyCall Works

Built on anyCall

Cross-chain Gauges

Connect liquidity on any chains

Use Case:

Cross-chain NFT migration

Transfer NFTs seamlessly across any chains

Use Case:

Cross-chain Gas Swap

One-stop cross-chain gas swap

Use Case:

Cross-chain Counting

Gather the total VE Power as a whole

Use Case:

Cross-chain Message

Communicate across all chains

Use Case:

Multichain NFT Minting demo

A native Multichain NFT solution

Use Case:

Permissionless Token Bridge

Deploy bridge in a permissionless way

Use Case:



phase 1

anyCall V4—— Customize cross-chain message to meet Dapp’s special needs

  • Use case: Cross-chain Gauge; Cross-chain Mirroring; Cross-chain Gas Swap
phase 2

anyCall V6—— Generalize cross-chain message to enable easier integration of 3rd parties’ Dapps

  • 11 EVM chains support
  • anyCall whitepaper release
  • Use case: NFT Cross-chain; Cross-chain Swap; Cross-chain DAO Governance
phase 3

anyCall V7—— Intensify exclusive Fallback function to support more complex and innovative Dapps

  • 14 EVM chains support
  • anyCall infrastructure building: anyCall website, Debug tools, SDK toolkit
  • Use case: Omnichain NFT launch
phase 4

More to come:

  • anyCall expansion to more EVM and non-EVM chains like Solana and Aptos
  • Innovative use cases powered by anyCall
  • Projects powered by anyCall that are incubated by MultiDAO anyCall
  • anyCall hackathon and workshop organized by MultiDAO

The integration of Multichain makes possible a seamless and secured cross chain experience for Tranchess users.

Danny Chong
Co-Founder & CEO Tranchess

Hundred Finance has been using anyCall for mirroring veHND user balances across 7 chains. The integration is straightforward to use and working reliably for us for several months now. In the future, we plan on leveraging anyCall in enabling new use cases, such as when we introduce cross-chain lending.

Hundred Finance

As an organization fully driven by the Multichain community, our effort is to build a MultichainVerse connecting all blockchains based on Multichain’s cross-chain solutions. And we are glad to be the early users of anyCall which supports MultiDAO SBT, gathering veMULTI (vePower) messages on three chains that are Ethereum, BNB, and Fantom. People from different ecosystems could join MultiDAO and gain governance ability based on their veMULTI.

MultiDAO Initiator